Board of Directors

Rex Davis, President Wiley, CO
Wesley Eck, Vice President La Junta, CO
Kim Siefkas, Treasurer Las Animas, CO
Burt Heckman, Secretary Mc Clave, CO
Eddie Hall, Director Lamar, CO
Balcomb & Green, PC Attorney
Curtis Sniff Superintendent
Amy Van Horn Water Master
Karla Sniff Bookkeeper

This website is designed to serve as an informational source for the Stockholders of the Fort Lyon Canal.


An acre-foot covers one acre of land one foot deep.

1 cubic foot 7.48 gallons 62.4 lbs of water
1 acre-foot 43,560 cubic feet 325,851 gallons
1 cubic foot per second (cfs)   450 gallons per minute
1 cfs   646,360 gallons per day
--For 24 hours   1.983 acre-feet
--For 30 days   59.5 acre-feet
--For 1 year   724 acre-feet
1 million gallons   3.07 acre-feet
1 million gallons per day (mgd)   1,122 acre-feet per year
1 million gallons per day (mgd)   3.07 acre-feet per day
1 million gallons per day (mgd)   1.58 cubic feet per second
1000 gallons per minute (gpm)   4.42 acre-feet per day


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